The Myth of Disenchantment Errata


The proud author with his advance copy!

The new book–The Myth of Disenchantment–is hot off the press and it looks awesome! Order your copy here (or here in the UK). I’m totally enthralled with the cover image by the excellent Alex Gross and have wonderful things to say about the whole process of publishing with the University of Chicago Press. But there was a small miscommunication during the copyediting phase and a few of my corrections never got input, plus I missed some things (mea culpa). So I’m going to use this page to track errata and typos. I’ll update it periodically. The press tells me they’ll be corrected in the second print run.


Masterlist after the jump

Typo Masterlist

  1. p.xiii. first full sentence “Emily Ham” should be “Emily Han”
  2. p.39. “de-defied” should be “de-deified”
  3. p.45 “conception of magic and to expose” should be “conception of magic and expose”.
  4. p.46 “complementary” should be “complimentary”
  5. p.128. First sentence after the quote. “Since the early 1970s” should be “Since the early 1960s”
  6. p.153. Block quote at the top. “The is the Mother of the New Æon” has a missing phrase. It should be “The Revival of Magick is the Mother of the New Æon”
  7. p.302. Block quote at the top “the rest of world” should be “the rest of the world.”
  8. p.376. note 155 “Klages was drawing on Goethe’s Urbild” should be “Klages was drawing on Goethe’s and Nietzsche’s conceptions of Urbild



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