The Myth of Disenchantment Errata


The proud author with his advance copy!

The new book–The Myth of Disenchantment–is hot off the press and it looks awesome! Order your copy here (or here in the UK). I’m totally enthralled with the cover image by the excellent Alex Gross and have wonderful things to say about the whole process of publishing with the University of Chicago Press. But there was a small miscommunication during the copyediting phase and some of my corrections never got input. Plus I missed some things (mea culpa).  I’m going to use this page to track errata and typos. I haven’t caught all of them yet. So I plan to amend the list periodically.

UPDATE: The press contacted me to say that a new print run was upcoming and that these typos will be corrected! I’m delighted these errors will be fixed (and I’m extra thrilled at the book’s sales so far). But I’m sure the list I sent the press of typos wasn’t exhaustive. So do please let me know if you catch other errors.

Masterlist after the jump

Typo Masterlist.

Uncorrected in the second printing:

  1. p.277, “Ueber” should be “Über.”
  2. p.388, footnote 46. “See MWG, II/8, 660” should be “For Wolfskehl, see MWG, II/8, 115”
  3. p. 391, footnote 133, “Stefan George: Die Entdeckung des Charisma (Munich: Blessing, 2007), 412″ should be “Stefan George: Die Entdeckung des Charisma (Munich: Blessing, 2007), 412-413.”

Update: The press has informed me that the errors listed below should be corrected in the second printing!

  1. xiii. first full sentence “Emily Ham” should be “Emily Han”
  2. 39. “de-defied” should be “de-deified”
  3. 45 “conception of magic and to expose” should be “conception of magic and expose”.
  4. 46 “complementary” should be “complimentary”
  5. 56 seven lines down “primary” should be “primarily”
  6. 70 “But it would anachronistic” should be “But it would be anachronistic”
  7. 91 “This should sound familiar, as it is narrative” there is a missing “a” and it should be “This should sound familiar, as it is a narrative”
  8. 92 two instances of Burckhardt missing the “h” once in the first paragraph once in the second.
  9. 101 “Perhaps more surprising is own Tylor’s attendance” should be “Perhaps more surprising is Tylor’s own attendance”
  10. 107 “It is also hints” should be “It also hints”
  11. 112 “Theosophical Religion came into fully into being” has an extra “into” should be “Theosophical Religion came fully into being”
  12. 112 last sentence of same paragraph “that mysticism the real heart of Christianity” should be “that mysticism is the real heart of Christianity”
  13. 128. First sentence after the quote. “Since the early 1970s” should be “Since the early 1960s”
  14. 139 “Protestant denominations agred” should be ““Protestant denominations agreed”
  15. 148 end of second paragraph “even when we have no reason to do.” doesn’t need the “do” and should be “even when we have no reason to.”
  16. 153. Block quote at the top. “The is the Mother of the New Æon” has a missing phrase. It should be “The Revival of Magick is the Mother of the New Æon”
  17. 165 “Crowley was activating the anti-Cristian impulse found Frazer’s text” should be “Crowley was activating the anti-Cristian impulse found in Frazer’s text”
  18. 166 “Crowely’s” should be “Crowley’s”
  19. 166 end of second paragraph “This, the old magic”should be “Thus, the old magic”
  20. 188 third line of the final paragraph “initiated by ‘by the transformation of’” has an extra “by” should be “initiated ‘by the transformation of’”
  21. 194 second paragraph second line “the belief that that” should be “the belief that”
  22. 199 five lines from the bottom “und Telepaphie” should be “und Telepathie”
  23. 200 last line “palmistry to do not prevail” has an extra “to” and should be “palmistry do not prevail”
  24. 209 Second to last paragraph “human subjectively” should be ” human subjectivity”
  25. 218 “Die Elementarseelen” doesn’t need the “Die” so it should be just “Elementarseelen
  26. 302. Block quote at the top “the rest of world” should be “the rest of the world.”
  27. 376. note 155 “Klages was drawing on Goethe’s Urbild” should be “Urbild has a long history in philosophy”

3 thoughts on “The Myth of Disenchantment Errata

      • some more (may have been removed from later reprints perhaps)

        page 166: at the end of third para, might want to add an “a” to make it “magic takes on a new importance”
        170: in last sentence of third para, should be “able to do so” instead of “able to do”
        362: footnote 87: book title says “The and Other Essays”, should be “The Revival of Magick and Other Essays”
        174: block quote, is it really “cannot be declared to the profane” and not “cannot be declared to be profane”? latter sounds more plausible
        175: in first para of new section, “how widely Crowley read in The Golden Bough” sounds weird
        176: The Golden Dawn may not need to be italicized at first mention in the last paragraph, as you didn’t do it before
        180: third para, add an “a” to make it “as a respectable philosopher”
        183: the quotes end before sentence is finished, though it seems that all of it is part of the quote
        184: should be “arguing that it set the stage” in last line of second para, “it” is missing
        190: missing full stop after quote on third para that ends with “thing in itself”
        197: second line, comma should be after “incident” not earlier in the sentence, second last line it should be “evidently”
        200: there is an extra end quotes (“) at the end of the sentence after the block quote
        221: second para it should be “that the universe is rationally intelligible” instead of “that the universe rationally intelligible”
        222: third para “he aimed at balance” instead of “his aimed at balance”
        225: delete “of” from “Klages’s work of the figure of the Jew” in second paragraph
        232: second paragraph first line remove “otherwise” as its used twice
        238: second line it should be “multiple theorists” not “multiple theorist”
        in second sentence of third paragraph, I wonder whether it should be post-structuralism instead of structuralism, as it’s about linguistic skepticism
        240: 378n2 should be “polemically entangled” instead of “polemically entangles”
        244: last paragraph missing comma after “As Horkheimer and Adorno argued”
        255: in the first sentence after block quote ends replace the “are” with “is”
        259: last line of fifth paragraph, it should be “committed to her” not committed her”
        276: in third para graph first line “Weber recognized Herrn Dames as a thinly veiled” rather than “Weber recognized Herrn Dames a thinly veiled”
        282: second last line should be “magic” not “magician” probably
        288: in last line of block quote, should be “though” not “thought”
        292: in last paragraph should “while Weber” not “while the Weber”
        300: last line of second paragraph, “there is a more” instead of “there is more”
        in third paragraph, it should be “emphasize” instead of “emphasis”
        305: second last line should be “theorists” not “theorist”

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